Aspergers anxiety attacks

Those with aspergers and high functioning autism have high anxiety & it is completely understandable. We have The inability to fully understand emotions, the ability to appear emotionless, the inability to actually be emotionless, and have anxiety attacks because we hide our emotions. Not just because of that, but because of various things. Have you ever thought what would happen if I listened to a song a thousand times in a row? Your head would explode, or you’d throw your music player away. Welcome to our unique brain. We can’t do that & while not everyone on the spectrum has anxiety attacks enough of my friends do for me to realize it is a common trait of our syndrome. There are ways to diffuse anxiety attacks, even when theyve started. You can get them to last for 15 minutes or an hour and a half instead of six hours or a day. I can hear something & it repeats in my mind like a broken video until it drives me nuts. the same happens to a few friends of mine. This is what causes severe melt downs. If we discuss the repeat in our head, we may be able to stop a melt down, however it is hard to talk about something when (A you think the person already knows (B you’re afraid the person will get mad or believe without a shadow of a doubt they will. While aspergers syndrome gives us more logic than most average human beings, anxiety attacks takes our logic and skews it to the point of illogic. Diffusing an anxiety attack differs between the attack and why the person is having the attack. Don’t yell at the person, talk in a quiet very calm tone, that is helpful for sure. If someone raises their tone my anxiety goes higher and results aren’t good!! Ask the person what’s bothering them, but not over and over since what you said will already be stuck in their mind. Theyll reply when they feel ready too. These are personal experiences mostly, so I don’t know if it will help with anyone else. I hope it does!

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2 thoughts on “Aspergers anxiety attacks

  1. Sara says:

    This helps a great deal. I have the exact happenings all the time. Thank you.

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