The full moons affect on aspergers, hfa

The full moon and I have an unpleasant history. I’ve found a cure for the full moon, unfortunately it’s an expensive cure. Since the full moon changes the pull on the water of the ocean and other bodies of water, it makes sense it would affect us since we are 66 percent water, the full moon can put us out of sync for up to 7 days. I’ve said ten before, but the last three rarely ever happen & what they really are, are just the ending of something the full moon caused. The cure for the full moon is none other then the ocean or a large body of water. You don’t have to see the ocean or hear it… You have to feel it. I know that sounds crazy, but it counter acts the full moon. You can be a mile away from the ocean and your body automatically starts feeling it. The closer you get the better you feel, this happens even if I don’t know I am going towards the ocean. Thankfully I live near the ocean. I’ve never been landlocked in my life and believe that more insane things happen in landlocked states because of the full moon and no ocean to stabilize people. I’ve only had one full anxiety attack cycle this full moon and Thankfully this cycle was very short. An hour and a half anxiety attack. I’ve had a lower freakout all weekend, but I am worried it hasn’t reached it’s climax. I’ve been devising hundreds of strategies on what to do to avoid the climax anxiety attack, but I won’t know If it worked till tomorrow.

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18 thoughts on “The full moons affect on aspergers, hfa

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi, my 12 year old son as HFA, and his mood is dramatically affected by the full moon – he can be a different child. So I am just looking into other peoples experiences and trying to find more info. It is also for a period of around 7 – 10 days.

    • Do you live near the ocean? If you do take him there and you’ll probably see a major change in him after ten minutes or so.

    • Michelle says:

      I concur, my son can become very upset where he can create a violent atmosphere. recently he is punching and slapping himself harder than ever. just stabbed himself w/ pencil today along w/ throwing chairs and hitting teachers. not like him. but there is also a interest I have in puberty vs. aspergers. my son turns 12 soon. We see his Dr this Thursday. He may amp up or change is meds.

  2. Hi again, I’ve been skimming your journal here and I got to say, most of this sounds very odd. and I wonder exactly how old you would be…if to state in decade formate by all means. or what year…this thing of the moon? I’ve either watched too many movies with ware wolfs or vampire’s but aspergers+moon? am I wrong to think this is all silly?

    • You are entitled to your opinion, but it is a well known fact that the moon affects us. After all we are 66 percent water.

    • Michelle says:

      You are not being silly but maybe have different experiences. my husband, and I, tss worker, and behavioral therapists noted 11 extreme incidents so far on every full moon “week” or “nights”

  3. 1tiredaspergersmom says:

    My 9 year old was recently diagnosed aspergers w/anxiety. they originally thought it could be bipolar because he ”cycles”. another mom said supposidly is same cycle as moon. we r christians & not superstitious & thought ‘whatever’ so my husband started tracking 6 months ago. he turns into a walking ball of fury right before a full moon & cycles down after. every time!!! scientists & health professionals should study this! its phenominal!!! we live in the central part of the country – no ocean, but lots of lakes.

    • I’m not superstitious either. You may want to take your son near a lake, one that is big enough to get waves… Or maybe the water itself will be enough to calm him down. My mom has had to drive me to the ocean several times. I will be a ball of fury. But when we are about two miles from the ocean and it isn’t visible yet, I can feel it.

      Yeah, that sounds weird. Feeling the ocean sounds like a hippy, but I feel the affect that the pull of the waves have on my body before it is visible.
      We are 65% water, so it is logical that the moon affects us. Where do you think the story of werewolves came from? It was an explanation of the full moon on people.

  4. 1tiredaspergersmom says:

    I wonder if the great lakes would be a big enough body of water?

  5. 1tiredaspergersmom says:

    That is so interesting. We are going to try it. We have 2 very large lakes that are 1 hr & 2 hrs from our house. It is interesting to me also because I am not aspie at all & I feel a huge uplifting feeling when I am about 1/2 a mile from ANY body of water (no matter how small) and my mom always had said I was part fish. My husband says the same. BUT, my aspie son HATES water. He won’t even go in a small back yard pool unless just him and I out of fear of being splashed, I think. He loves the beach (sand = sensory fun) but has no interest in being in the water past his knees. It will be interesting to see if his mood and behavior changes while by the lake during that cycle of his month. 🙂 Thank you so very much for your information and input. He was just diagnosed this past December & I am trying really hard to learn all I can as fast as I can so I am able to help him and ease his stress. So I appreciate your site a lot.

  6. Bilbo Baggins says:

    Pure myth. Check here for a scientific explanation. Of particular note is that the new moon which we can’t see has exactly the same amount of gravitational pull as the full moon. The only difference is the angle of the sun means we can’t see it.

  7. I am really starting to believe that the phases of the moon are effecting my son. So much so that I am thinking that this year with all the different and unusual moods i.e. super moon, two eclipses, one or two blood moons, that these are the reasons that my son has lost all focus that he had gained, and is having the worst year in school that he has had in 3 years. So hard. I am about 5 hours from the ocean, is there anything besides lakes, how about a sound machine?

    • You could try a sound machine. I’ve had some positive experiences with sound machines, but the ocean, lakes, there is something about the pull of thewater that you can’t replicate. Who knows a bath might help. I know the probabilities of a bath working are very slim, but it is worth a shot.

    • tina says:

      My guess is no, a sound machine will not help. It is a magnetic pull of super natural power (the moon & the water) about a feeling you neither notice or could describe. Nothing could mimic or replace an actual large body of water. Although a sound machine might provide some needed relaxation in a stress or sensory way.

      • Thanks for commenting, Tina. Your comment is 100 percent accurate. I really appreciate you explaining why a sound machine works. I didn’t go into detail on that when I should have. I don’t think for a moment that a bath would work, since it isn’t a large body of water nor does it have a magnetic pull, but it was a shot in the dark.

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