Aspergers don’t like to be touched

People with Aspergers Syndrome and high functioning autism do not like to be touched due to sensory issues and social skill issues. Let’s say you help someone out and they want to pat you on the back. You automatically without thinking about it move out of the way, because in your head there is no reason for them to touch you. Actually unwanted touch is considered assault under the California penal codes. Okay, I’d never enforce penal codes for someone trying to shake my hand, pat me on the back, etc. I am just being highly literal. My body is programmed to avoid these situations without even thinking. It is a completely involuntary reflex.

Why are people so hands on? Dancing, sure I love dancing and holding hands, dancing is fun. Wanting to shake someone’s hand, well, depending on the cleanliness of the person I’ll shake their hand or I’ll just say “sorry, I don’t shake hands.”. I leave off the part “of people who are dirty”, because that is rude and could be taken as slanderous. Is this just me? I always ask permission before touching someone, especially if it is a pat on the back. They aren’t expecting to be patted on the back and I doubt they want it. It serves no purpose, except to prove that a person with theneurotypical mindset do not know enough words beyond two syllables to express how they feel so they resort to barbaric communication, which people have been taught to take as nice.

Is this an opinion you agree with? I really want to know from other people with Asperger Syndrome or people who have kids or girlfriends with Aspergers Syndrome, if this is accurate . Also, is it just me or do people with Aspergers Syndrome speak a lot more Latin? I know I do, I am not fluent, but I read the dictionary and the link of each word and it’s cultural links. I do this in my spare time. It is quite thrilling. Did you know that the word friend actually in the literal sense meant lover? And that Friday in German is the day of frigg, which in english translates to the day of love and that frigg is the name of a German goddess?
Is this a normal Aspergers trait?

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6 thoughts on “Aspergers don’t like to be touched

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  2. St Nickolas says:

    I would recommend that you simply say to the person that pats you on the back or touched your shoulder etc etc that you have Asperger Syndrome and are sensitive to touch and prefer not to be touched at all. No offense, but you are the one with the syndrome and the person who is not aware I am sure would be respectful of your wishes. But if the person does not know that you have aspergers, he or she may think that you should be avoided, not friendly etc….or would likely not want anything to do with you in the future. I know the person would be completely confused…..because it happened to me. It actually made me angry at first, but I made some inquiries later and found out that the person I gave a congratuatory pat on the back had Aspergers. Then I understood.

  3. CiCi's mommy says:

    This helps me so much. My daughter has Asperger’s. She is 4. I know she is young but early detection helps. We found out earlier because we recognized the signs because my brother had it too. He is no longer around to ask these questions to. My daughter only likes to be touched if she is the one to initiate it. She will allow me and my grandma (who is like a second mom to her while I work) but is very stand offish with anyone else. Some family gets upset. Should I tell them my child has Asperger’s please don’t touch her?

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