Creativity autism, aspergers, high functioning autism, our special brand of creativity

Autism syndrome and creativity sometimes goes hand in hand. The pictures I’ve seen from those on the autism spectrum are amazing. The emotion, the feeling, autistic kids & adults become better than most other people in one area. Some people only draw certain types of pictures. I only draw abstract pictures. I use color to express emotions, I sometimes add in characters or do layers on layers and hide images within images. Other types of creativity has to do with finding new ways at looking at things. That could be biology, technology, bio-technology, Etc. We think of things that others haven’t and create amazing things. We can write stories that will amaze you, we can create new ways to communicate. Let’s talk about people with aspergers syndrome who have changed the world into what we know it today. Einstein is believed to have aspergers syndrome. We have the theory of relativity, all sorts of equations that would amaze you. I’ve only proved one physics theory and that was with help from a professor in physics that everyone knows, professor michio Kaku. Bill gates is rumored to have aspergers, as is Steve jobs. Another sociological amazement is pokemon, which was made by a creator who we know has aspergers syndrome. Pokemon has changed tv and gaming forever. So many artists, programmers, geniuses, have aspergers professor michio kaku doesn’t have aspergers. I met him and he is my hero. If I am going on endlessly about a physic theory my mom says ” and what does kaku say about this?” while Einstein and michio kaku changed Physics, tim burton films have changed the world of movies and the way people think. I don’t know of mr. Burton has aspergers, but I do know that he and his directors are certified geniuses. George Lucas is yet another genius who changes the world. Since I have yet to meet him I’d say he is just a genius and doesn’t have aspergers. I make games. I don’t draw graphics, well I do for fun, but what I do is program the games. I have Aspergers syndrome and i love acting, programming, book writing, song writing with some awesome singers, and directing, I love it all. You do not know who I am, because I like my anonymity.

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One thought on “Creativity autism, aspergers, high functioning autism, our special brand of creativity

  1. I’ve suspected that George Lucas has Asperger’s for a while now for the following reasons:

    1. His shy/quiet demeanor.
    2. His obsession with genre films and modern myth that permeates his work.
    3. His quirky, often lovabley corny sense of humor, also omnipresent in his films.
    4. The fact that not only does he have trouble explaining himself and his ideas, but his bewilderment that they aren’t obvious to others.

    Of course, if my theory is correct, then he’s one of the more subtle examples.

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