Having aspergers syndrome and succeeding in work

Have you ever thought “how will my son or daughter with aspergers syndrome deal with people in the workplace?” well, they’ll stand a better chance at working with people in the workplace if you do the following A. Force jokes down their throats(thanks teach!) B. when doing business don’t be blunt C. Don’t go all literal on someone. When they say have it to me by 4:00 they most likely mean PM, not AM.
You have to be highly professional. I do this by cloning my mentors behavior, my dads behavior, and other professionals. Working with people and having aspergers syndrome can be a trick and a half at first, but it gets easier, although that may be because I own my company, so I make the rules, then again it is more stressful, because you have to make sure everything is taken care of & I mean everything!

I have friends who are in the work training program and they do great. You should see if you have something like work training or a work rehab counselor near you. There are special counselors for people with aspergers syndrome, down syndrome, etc to get them jobs and even provide assistance if needed. I have a higher expectation from those with aspergers syndrome, we are smart enough to figure something out, but asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength, so if you need help, ASK FOR IT!

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