Aspergers syndrome inside the aspergers mind

Aspergers syndrome changes the way the brain thinks, making a new type of mind which I call the aspergers mind. I think it is a very good thing. We think in absolute literalness, if you say come back in a few minutes, that means three minutes. You come back in three minutes and the person looks puzzled. I repeat what they said and they give me a different timeline. Aspergers syndrome and being literal can be a problem since not everyone thinks in absolute literalness. Communication failure can happen between people with aspergers syndrome, but this is because one of us is forgetting to speak in absolute literals, because we have tried to adapt for the normal mind. Logic is king to someone with aspergers syndrome, without logic you have disarray. Take a look at politics and you’ll see what I mean. You approach every situation and assess every twitch someone makes, every breath, every sound to come to a logical conclusion. One problem with our logical conclusions. They are purely literal, so you could call it literal logic, what else would you expect from someone who has aspergers? we fail in one area with logic and that is social skills because it isn’t highly logical. Being blunt seems like the right thing to do, but people sugar coat their words not to hurt your feelings. I’ve said this so many times ” be blunt, I hate sugar because I don’t know what you’re actually trying to say. Just say it without trying to protect my feelings.” the normal reply is “but that’s rude.”

We have a sense of hearing like animals, but possibly more sensitive. We hear dog whistles & they hurt us more than the dogs! I will walk thousands of square feet in a store to find a sound no one else hears & tell them to turn it off.

Dating with aspergers syndrome is hard, all I will say is don’t date neurotypical people, unless they really understand aspergers syndrome. I’ve tried this in the past. Didn’t work out well.
I’ll update this post a lot more in the future, so you can learn more a out the Asperger mind.

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