Aspergers college and universities

Having aspergers syndrome and going to college sounds like a bad idea to some people. All of the human interaction, deadlines, etc. Can people with Asperger syndrome handle it? No need to fear, my friends and I have been doing fine with college. Sure, I am only taking one 4 unit class in computer science, but this isn’t my first semester. Is college stressful on the Asperger mind? Yeah, it can be. Are we focused on succeeding? Heck yeah we are, especially if it is a class that is in our gifted area. I get quite upset when I get a 70 or an 85. I want only 100’s but have decided to settle for 95’s. I have one class, but for one project I spent 12+ hours on it in 3 days to get that 95. I was unhappy with that 95, but I let it slide. I had to move onto the next assignment. My friends do much better with college than I. I am trying to learn from them, but then again they aren’t running a company, producing the games for the company, doing all the contracts, etc. Along with acting, etc. In short I am a very busy person, so tacking on college with all of the other stuff is harder for me. The best approach for the person with Aspergers syndrome is to stay near their parents and or support team & not go off to a college or university away from them. This gets rid of your support group and you will crash. It is inevitable. I am considering a full load next semester, but it all depends on what my careers look like. You will get stressed out, but if you balance your workload so you do 50 pages and 15 questions in one book then take a break and move onto the next assignment you should be good. When I do 40-50 questions and read 120 pages all at once, I don’t do as well. You have to balance out college just like people balance out eating.

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