Logical reasoning with aspergers until the panic attacks

logical reasoning allows people with aspergers to use simple deduction to come up with what seems like simple answers, yet to others they aren’t. Logic is what holds the world together, that is until a
panic attack also known as an anxiety attack kicks in. If you’re entire world is logic based and you’re mind is totally based around the grades or marks at school, one is highly likely to fall into panic attack if they get a bad grade. Anxiety attacks can be fueled by school, especially when you hold yourself to getting an A on every test,quiz, project, etc. Logical reasoning usually prevails, but if for some reason you get an F because you thought the homework was due on another day you’re going to fall into a full scale anxiety attack. Take it from someone totally based in logical reasoning who has been there, done that.

Logical reasoning with aspergers is a much higher level of reasoning than those without aspergers due to the fact that we can mask emotions in the worst situations making it look like we don’t have feelings or that people with aspergers don’t care about others. That is totally untrue, we care too much, so the logical decision is to mask our emotions so we can hold onto our logic. We hold on until something makes us snap and our emotions come flooding out usually in anger or an anxiety attack. This is how we cope with life unlike most people who are flawed and don’t use black & white logic. If you do have aspergers please remember that their is gray between the black and white seas of logic.

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