Aspergers and volunteering with non-verbal kids

I have aspergers & I like volunteering to help out kids with special needs a lot. I like giving back, and since I have special needs I like volunteering with people who have special needs.
I ran into an interesting social skill dilemma. I am helping out a kid who doesn’t speak at all. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s totally cool with me, I like helping everyone. What the real problem was that I didn’t know how to communicate with someone non-verbal while helping them. Someone told me to think “black and white” and only use yes or no questions. This works wonders. Yes or no questions can be as helpful as a very long verbal answer, because of the social cues involved with the yes or no replies. You don’t have to be verbal to be smart. Using emotions and social cues like huge smiles and such along with yes and or no replies is quite clever and intelligent. I love volunteering because I always learn something new and I feel happy when I help the kids and they’re happy. Don’t ask me to explain how emotions work or why it works that way, it just does. I am on a quest to learn as many new emotions and emotional responses, social skills, and social cues as possible since I no longer suffer from severe depression which amplified my asperger emotion suppression to the point where I felt like I had no emotions. Learning these “new” emotions is quite interesting and I hope that my experiences with recovering from severe depression & learning emotions & what to do with them will help out other people.

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