Ranting with Aspergers & PDD– our form of communicating

I have pervasive developmental disorder, but I say aspergers because more people know what that is. Today I want to inform you on how we try to communicate our thoughts & the trouble we have with that. First off people can’t read minds, even though that seems to be a popular confusion with those who have aspergers. If you think something everyone should know what you thought; sadly that doesnt work. Second, communicating what your frustrated about or passionate about usually comes out as a rant. Since the verb of rant is speak or shout at length, in a wild passionate way it seems like the corrext word to describe our communication. I assume the word rant fits a lot of asperger communication pretty darn well. Now why do we rant? Well, I’ve observed people that are considered normal and they rant, but their rants are structured with pauses waiting for feedback.. This is an interesting take on ranting, it is somehow normal and not considered a rant… When I am ranting it is usually something beyond the normal scope of understanding, it usually takes a professor who has worked with computers for 40 years to get what I am saying & even he needs clarification or my mom has to google the words i am using. I am a programmer on the most part. I do some acting, but I am mainly a programmer. I’ll be ranting about something as simple as malformed code or how people who use Internet explorer make web design harder, because the browser is one of the worst I’ve encountered, IE9 is trying to conform to standards, but they still have a few things to fix. Uh oh did I just start to go off on a rant? Yup, that’s how easy it is. You can’t easily discuss a topic you are passionate about without going into a rant. I can go on a rant literally for an entire day & start up again the next day. Maybe because there are so few people who program the languages that I do, so I never get to carry on a good conversation about the topic.

I don’t know why it is this way, but that form of communication works fine between two people who have aspergers, but when mixed with people who don’t have aspergers and communicating with them, well it is harder. You have to pull off a charade where you pretend to be normal and attempt not to rant, but a charade only lasts for so long. Ranting is annoying to people, but how else are we supposed to communicate? Look forward to your input.

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One thought on “Ranting with Aspergers & PDD– our form of communicating

  1. John says:

    Well yeah , I know the feeling its like Ive just goto get it off my chest, Its important they must know , My mother gets my ranting , With other people iam not as confortable so they get a break from it. Well the true is to us its important but to people hearing us it can be annoying. Not only is it annoying to them , But alot of the time they do not care. I think its best to try be aware when you are ranting and tell yourself its your aspergers making you do it and calm down.

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