Aspergers Eating Food– We Eat to much or not at all

Aspergers Syndrome is very complex, but the fact that it causes eating food issues isn’t a secret, nor should it be surprising. I’ve been asked how do I make my kid eat? Other people say that their kid eats way to much and hoards food. Hoarding food and eating a ton is part of Aspergers Syndrome, as is not wanting to eat at all. When I was younger I ate way to much, I mean I would eat until I puked. I didn’t do this intentionally. I did this because my brain and my stomach didn’t communicate, so I didn’t know when I was full. My parents had to train me to know when I was full. That took a very long time and it wasn’t easy for any of us.

One main issue is the texture of the food, which is one reason kids and adults with Aspergers won’t eat. Another reason we won’t eat is because we simply forget. we are so focused that we can completely forget about food. When you have an aspie that does this you have to make sure they eat. That doesn’t mean telling them to put something in the microwave, because there is a high chance they will forget that they put something in the microwave and go back to their main focus. When you find the food in the microwave hours later, well, you won’t be happy and they probably won’t have eaten. You must make sure that they do indeed eat their food. Now food textures play a major role in Aspergers. Let’s talk about tomato guts.If you give me Tomato guts, or something with tomato guts in them, I will not eat whatever that is. I am not picky, I just can’t stand the feeling of the guts in my mouth. You may also may want to be careful not to change the texture of food, like potatoes for instance. If you mash a potato, well, you’ve completely changed the texture of it and there is a chance that your aspie won’t eat it. You should avoid slimy things, even if you don’t think they are slimy.

What if your kid won’t eat after all of this? Well, you shouldn’t take what I say as gospel, since I am just an aspie. I am not a doctor, I am not trained in Aspergers, except for the training I’ve gotten by living with it. You should talk to a doctor about Asperger food problems. If you give someone with Aspergers the wrong type of food they may end up throwing a tantrum, they aren’t a spoiled brat, it’s because you gave them something that their mind finds un-edible. Sometimes they can eat it, but it is extremely difficult and emotionally painful because of the texture. I hope this has helped!

Note: I technically have the diagnosis of P.D.D NOS(Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified). P.D.D NOS is on the Autistic spectrum and I fit in great with aspies, so that is why I say I am an aspie.


3 thoughts on “Aspergers Eating Food– We Eat to much or not at all

  1. Jennifer Carney says:

    Do you have a preference over eating utensils? My daughter will only eat with plastic forks and spoons. I have to keep some in the car in case we go somewhere to eat and they don’t have any available.

    • The reason your daughter may prefer plastic utensils instead of metal probably has to do with the way metal feels. If you think about it metal is cold and unwelcoming to the touch. It has to do with the texture. Texture is King. I found out my dad has these socks that have the most beautiful texture to the touch, unlike most socks which feel gritty like sand. Do I have a preference on utensils? Well, since I dislike utensils I don’t have a preference. My Mom had to train me when I was a kid to use utensils. I dislike them because of motor skills. Utensils are hard to maneuver. Plastic spoons and forks may be easier to use since she isn’t distracted or bothered by the metal texture.

  2. Tasha Moulds says:

    This is totally true for me. I think it’s true for certain flavors too (I’m not completely sure). I can’t stomach cotton candy flavored things (besides real cotton candy.) I forced my self to try some cotton candy ice cream once (I try to make myself try new things because I’m aware of my aspergers)and I gagged (almost threw up) when I just tasted it.

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