Do People With Aspergers Syndrome Feel Pain?

Do people with Aspergers Syndrome feel pain? yes, of course we feel pain! People with Autism, PDD NOS, HFA, and Aspergers all feel pain. We may deal with pain very differently than those who aren’t autistic. Our reactions may seem like we don’t feel pain, but that can be for several reasons. I have a friend who if gets hurt, doesn’t scream instead sits in absolute silence for a minute and then shows the emotion of pain. If you knew my friend and all of my friends facial expressions or breathing patterns, well you know they’re in pain, they just don’t express it the way neurotypicals do. Something’s that do not result in discomfort for people without Aspergers, hurts us very badly. Dog whistles are a very good example. I can’t say that everyone on the autistic spectrum hears dog whistles, but I know I do & I know that my small study on 15 of my friends and acquaintances with Aspergers showed that they hear dog whistles and they don’t like the sound. I was going for a walk with a neighbor when they did what I guess could be considered the inevitable in this day and age. They blew a dog whistle. I started yelling in pain and putting my hands over my ears, while the dog quickly ran over to its owner. This wasn’t even one of the silent dog whistles, those hurt the worst. Silent dog whistles are silent in the sense of noise that most people are used to, but the vibrations you hear are so painful!! So, yes we feel pain. I would like ro conclude this post by saying that some people can withstand things that others would think are painful, but this is common in both the Neurotypical world and the non-neurotypical world.

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