Aspergers Syndrome, Easter, Costumes, Oh My!!

It’s Easter time and costumes are running amuck. Costumes of giant rabbits sitting with children. If your kid has Aspergers I’d advise against taking them to see a six foot tall rabbit that holds them. They have no idea what that easter rabbit will do, especially because they believe that the easter bunny is real!! People with Aspergers Syndrome are usually scared of costumes to the point that they’ll run away screaming in terror.

I have P.D.D NOS and I don’t have this fear. I am actually the total opposite. I am in costume all the time. You can open my closet and see skeleton costumes, werewolf masks, togas, etc. this is partially due to the fact that I am an actor and that I love the alter ego feeling you get while being in costume & acting out a totally different life. it also teaches you social skills, but that’s for another blog post.

I digressed. Most people with Aspergers are scared of costumes because you can’t see the persons face. You have no idea who is behind the mask, it could be your best friend or someone from the most wanted criminal list. This fear seems illogical to most, but since you don’t know whose behind the mask, well it is a totally logical fear.

One person I know is so afraid of costumes that it is quite dangerous to expose them to theme parks during Halloween or anytime of year, that is if you don’t want them to almost pull your arm out of its socket.

Another person I know loves costumes except for people who are wearing clown masks or makeup. Heck, I fell in love with acting when I was wearing clown makeup and a clown costume. I was on the bottom of the human pyramid, but I loved it. I got to do plenty of other stuff, the human pyramid is just quite memorable.

Sure, this was just a school circus that we worked on for months with professional circus performers, but that is what made me love costumes instead of fearing them. I am not sure if I was ever afraid of costumes, but if I was this experience desensitized me of this fear. The only logical way to get over a fear is to expose yourself to it, that is if it isn’t something potentially dangerous and or potentially harmful.

How do you feel about costumes? Are you scared of them? Or do you love them and have a ton of costumes in your closet along with your Ben NYE costume makeup kit for theatre and videos you make? Let me know in the comments. I love reading what my viewers have to say.

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2 thoughts on “Aspergers Syndrome, Easter, Costumes, Oh My!!

  1. Roarin says:

    I’m actually an aspie furry. I adore my furry costume aka “fursuit”. Although i have to admit, they used to terrify me in a way I can’t explain. They even still kind of put me off at times, particularly if its a poorly crafted. My son also has Aspergers and hates my suit. I drempt of bringing him to a convention but I would rether keep him home than risking terrifying him. I was just wondering why Aspies tend to be scared of this. I had been thinking about it for a long time. I don’t like looking at peoples faces so why would not being able to see them freak me out?

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