How Do You Feel About Having Aspergers?

I have been asked “how do you feel about having Aspergers?” one too many times, so now I am writing a blog post on how I feel about having Aspergers Syndrome( I actually have P.D.D NOS).

When you were born you had two ears and unless something devestatimg happened to you, you still have two ears. You probably never think about having two ears or how that makes you feel, because it is just two parts of your external characteristics that make up your entire body that people can see without x-rays.

Having Aspergers / P.D.D NOS is just like having two ears. It is part of your essence, your core. Yes, I realize that I do not have the abilities to interpret facial expressions, inflections of tone, movement of the eyes, change in breath patterns, etc., because of my P.D.D NOS. How does that make me feel? That makes me feel normal. Let me rephrase that, It is normal for me and my friends not to understand such bizarre rituals. People who are “normal” always say to “use your words”, yet they do their best to not use theirs and hope that people interpret their cryptic expressions correctly.

So how does having Aspergers make me feel? I don’t feel anymore different than I did yesterday, a year ago, 15 years ago, because I am who I am. People who don’t like who they are need to realize that the saying “the only person you can change is yourself” only goes so far. You can change your attitude, you can learn about cryptic expressions and odd human rituals, but you can’t change who you actually are.

Some could argue that plastic surgery changes who you are, which is true to an extent. It changes your physical appearance, but it doesn’t change the way your mind is wired. While people are working towards a “cure” for Aspergers, well, they’re wasting their time. People with Aspergers are the ones who usually end up being geniuses and own a successful empire. People who are normal work for those with Aspergers, wishing they could figure out how their boss succeeded, so they can copy it.

So how do I feel about having Aspergers? I feel just fine!


One thought on “How Do You Feel About Having Aspergers?

  1. I contradict myself all the time. If I do it here, it doesn’t mean I am lying, it just means I have cognitive dissonance. I think this question would be similar to asking a genius if he likes being intelligent. I don’t claim to be a genius, even though IQ scores would state otherwise, because I am not very educated (mostly self-educated) but I do consider myself intelligent. I would say I enjoy being intelligent but sometimes I honestly wish I could be stupid so I do not have to explain my thoughts to people only to have them even more dumbfounded that before my elaboration/clarification. Ernest Hemingway said, “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” and he was right. At the same time, I still love being correct 95% of the time when I have a debate with someone and then we research the answer. I still love being able to figure life out on my own without having to ask how to do things. It may take me a little longer, but at least I can say I did it all by myself. (“Look at me, mom! No training wheels!”) I still love coming up with a solution to problems. I still love thinking.

    I used to not like myself very much but, when I found out I had Asperger’s, my outlook changed. I realized that I am the way I am because I was born this way and I was meant to be this way. I no longer believe that I am a bad person because I can’t express my deep empathy and don’t know how to express my love for my mom the way she wants me to. I no longer believe that I am a sociopath. I am no longer ashamed to be myself. I don’t have to hide behind being labeled as shy because I don’t talk to some people. I can now simply say I don’t care to talk to them and that is because I have Asperger’s, so I am above all this social idiocy.
    Neurotypicals need a cure to become Aspergians, not the other way around.

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