Girls With Autism Have Flat A-fect

Okay, so girls who have autism, PDD NOS, HFA, Aspergers, etc. have flat a-fect a lot more than boys with Autism. I am not sure why, but they do. Not all Girls with Autism have flat A-fect, but the majority do. This is purely from what I’ve seen, so this isn’t scientific fact.

Why is this? Well, one theory I just came up with is that the hormones and biology between Boys and Girls are very different. Flat A-fect could affect girls more than boys due to autism and hormones, but that’s just an unproven theory. More of an idea. People with flat A-fect do show plenty of emotion in their voice, but it is harder to hear, unless you are used to people with flat a-fect. Anyways, this is just what I’ve seen, maybe i am incorrect. Maybe I am not.


5 thoughts on “Girls With Autism Have Flat A-fect

  1. Jennifer Carney says:

    I see it in my daughter so I agree. I don’t know what hormones have to due with it because she has always been monotone even as a young child. She turned 21 last January.

    She is trying harder now to put some inflection in her tone of speech. She likes working on accents when she writes her animal stories. She copies stories from Ranger Rick magazine and changes the characters and location to her own liking. Then she reads them out loud with their accents. I want her to write her own stories but she prefers to do it this way.

    • It is great that your daughter is into writing. Her derivative works of Ranger Rick stories sound quite interesting and very creative . Maybe once she is comfortable with making derivative works of Ranger Rick, she might venture into her own original stories. She could always send her versions of Ranger Rick stories to them. Who knows, they may publish it.

  2. Ann Kilter says:

    I have noticed that in my 25 year old daughter. I am not sure if it is because she is a girl, or not. But it certainly is true in her case.

    • I know a lot of girls and I can say without a doubt that flat a-fect isn’t part of being female. Now girls on the autistic spectrum, the majority of those girls do have flat a-fect.

      • I meant to put is. My bad. I was saying that flat a-fect isn’t part of being a girl, like you said. A girl on the spectrum, yes they appear to have a higher chance of being flat a-fect.

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