Battleship Movie Not Aspergers Friendly!

Do not, I repeat do not see the new movie BattleShip if you have Aspergers. Aspergers ayndrome and other people on the autistic spectrum can hear frequencies that most can’t. The movie Battle Ship uses a frequency that is used In dog whistles, whixh we can hear just fine. Battle Ship is a great movie, that is until you are in tears from the pain of the sound from the movie.

Movies in the 1930’s used this high pitched sound, similar to a Dog whistle when something was supposed to be scary. This frequency has been removed from all modern movies, except for Battle Ship. If you hear dog whistles, then this sound will mess with your head, scramble your mind, and make you cry in pain. Do not go see the movie Battle ship, if you are on the autism spectrum.

The theatre I go to has never seen me cry from severe pain caused by sound. The theatre has a strict “no cash back” rule, instead they give you a ticket good for one movie, if you dislike the movie . you also only have 45 minutes to get the refund. They decided to not enforce those rules today. I guess they’d never seen an adult cry from sound frequencies and be in extreme pain. I got through an hour of the movie before I was crying. The extreme onslaught of sound started after 50 minutes of the film. It is not pleasant to have your mind tortured by sound frequencies that don’t affect anyone else. It actually drives you a bit nuts.

If you want to see the movie BattleShip, wait till it comes out on DVD. That way you can control the sound and mute it if needed.

Have you ever had a similar experience with a movie? Let us know in the comments.

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