Fear Of Germs And Aspergers

Do you have a fear of germs? this can be called germaphobia and other names. Have you ever thought your Aspergers Syndrome , pervasive developmental disorder, or other autistic disorder could be the cause of your fear of germs? If you answered yes, then you are correct. I know that I am slightly germophobic, like if a wild bird poops on me I will not be happy. I am cautious not to touch bathroom door knobs or any door knob, because they are a breeding place for germs. Besides that, I don’t fear germs to much.

My friends know I won’t shake most people’s hands unless I know that they are clean and decent. They always have hand sanitizer with them, which I borrow after shaking a lot of hands. I really think we need to get rid of shaking hands for good. I am not the only one who fears germs. I have a friend who is quite brilliant who has germaphobia. I don’t understand how he ever ended up in the field he is in with his fear of germs.

Fearing germs isn’t stupid, it is actually quite smart. Being obsessive about it is another thing entirely. If you are cautious then you should be fine and seem normal. If you obsessively wash your hands, then you have an issue.

I find it really interesting that the fear of germs is linked to Aspergers. I am not surprised since we try to be very logical people and germs aren’t usually healthy for you. But i don’t believe eating bone marrow is healthy either, but people with and without Aspergers eat gelatin, jell-o, yogurt, etc. all the time. Gelatin is a fancy name for bone marrow. I may be wrong, bone marrow could be very healthy though I highly doubt it.

Anyways, I wanted to share another interesting Asperger tidbit. I am still analyzing dogs and cats to see how logical they are for that blog
post, which I promised.

Have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Fear Of Germs And Aspergers

  1. There is a reason why gelatin rhymes with skeleton.

  2. Rafaela Speegle says:

    aspergers is inherited and currently there is no permanent cure for it.

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