Aspergers Understanding Humor

Aspergers and understanding humor is quite hard, in fact it is impossible for some to get humor. Right now I only understand sarcasm, because it has a pattern to it. It is so simple, yet took years for me to learn it. Here is a cheat sheet to sarcasm for people with Aspergers.

If someones voice is higher pitched that means what they’re saying is positive, if their voice is lower pitched it is negative. Most of the time this is an accurate interpretation of the persons joking emotion. If I said “wow, you’re smart!” and my voice was higher than usual, then that would be a compliment. If my voice was a lower tone then usual I would in fact be saying something like “you think you’re smart? Oh brother” or something else negative.

This is purely based off of my own experiences and hyper analyzing voice modulations when people joke. Plus, I’ve had help understanding and learning jokes.

Please share your experiences with jokes! Peace.

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3 thoughts on “Aspergers Understanding Humor

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Humour that plays on word meanings can be hard to understand by literal minded aspergers people.

  2. JT says:

    U know how guys razz each other with “gay jokes”? Do people with aspergers have trouble with that?

    Years ago, i made a wisecrack to a coworker while we were walking to the bus. I then said “hey bro I was just f$%&ing with you”. He whirled around and said to me “DON”T F$%# WITH ME!!!”

    Could that be indicative of someone with autism?

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