Teaching With Aspergers Ayndrome

Teaching isn’t something an aspie would usually do, but the field I am in is a unique one for an aspie. I teach, I will be speaking, I do various different ways of communicating with other living beings. I taught my first class with a room full of people. I was terrified of the idea to actually teach people and was freaked for days prior to the event.

I ended up having a few small blips in the class when I was trying to think of a word or couldn’t explain something, but the hardest part was to treat everyone as if they were equally smart as I am. I have discovered with a ton of help from my family that everyone is unique. I had a famous person in my class, but from a different industry. They didn’t know anything about what I was teaching, but I don’t understand how they do what they do.

The students loved the class, despite of my differences. This means that, yeah we have Aspergers or P.D.D, but only we can stop ourselves from achieving our goals.

The fear of teaching, the fear of criticisim from hundreds of people, it is just that — fear. I’ve spoken in front of 700 to 900 people before, but this was quite different. What I am trying to say is don’t be afraid to face your fears and do something totally out of character for an aspie. Don’t let the label, label who you are and what you do. Label yourself for who you truly are. We are all different and can contribute to the planet, If we are brave enough to confront our fears.


2 thoughts on “Teaching With Aspergers Ayndrome

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Teaching can be a people-situation, so well done in your achievement.

    • Thank you! My saying is ” I am teaching you ____ and you’re teaching me social skills.” I’ve learned a lot already.

      I apologize I write about personal achievements with Aspergers, since this is supposed to be answers to Aspergers. I run out of content sometimes or just want to share something.

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