Fear Of Eye Contact Aspergers

Have you ever thought of eye contact as a social skill? It is. It is all about timing, what your eyes are saying, what your facial expressions are saying and what the other persons eyes and facial expressions say.

How do I deal with that problem? I try to avoid it. I don’t want to be impolite or somehow mess up, so I avoid eye contact. That and the thought to look at someone doesn’t occur that often. I only look at 5 people in the eye when we talk, although 50 percent or more of the time I will still look elsewhere while we talk.

I do business and teaching, so you would think I’ve overcome this social skill issue that comes with Aspergers. I haven’t. People who I teach deal with my Aspergers, because of my cerebral cortex . All they want is the info stored in my mind. Yet some of them try to be nice.

If I ever understand human beings, well, then I’ll be like Data understanding all emotions or B4 understanding why Data was the way he was, even though b4 was a copy of Data. Those are star trek references.


3 thoughts on “Fear Of Eye Contact Aspergers

  1. Alex Jones says:

    97% of communication is body language. Eye contact is part of body language.

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