Asperger Logic Is Incorrect, According to Scientific Method

A person who recently commented and disputed Asperger Logic, presented enough evidence for me to feel that it was worth looking into his claims. Aspergers logic makes perfect sense to those with Aspergers, in fact it is the way our brain is wired to think. One could say Asperger logic is a brain difference or abnormality, though I am not willing to accept that our minds can not change, even when it comes to things like logic. I’ve been reading the scientific method, which is making me rethink Asperger logic. I would like to explain Aspergers logic, but since I am only one person, I can’t say how everyone with Aspergers minds work, because that would be incorrect. Everyone thinks differently to some extent. Aspergers logic uses what we know and what has happened in the past to come up with a conclusion. This is simply an analysis with postdiction, meaning that your mind is biased. Analysis is only one step out of four from the scientific method.
Don’t get me wrong, I hypothesize all the time in fact my friend who is the Leonard to my Sheldon talk about random hypothesis we come up with. My predictions are almost always wrong or I forget to predict altogether. My friend is the Leonard to my Sheldon, Yes, that is a reference to the Big Bang Theory, a Television show with a character named Sheldon who appears to at least have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Aspergers, though his character isn’t smart in just one area, he is a freaking genius. Then there is Leonard his roommate, who is kinda normal. He is smart, but has a typical mindset for a geek.

I have quite an open mind for someone with Aspergers, so my following posts are going to be quite interesting to read. The scientific method requires a question, hypothesis, prediction, testing, and an analysis before you have an answer.

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