Aspergers and trouble understanding socializing

Aspergers Syndrome is challenging to deal with, because you don’t know what you are not supposed to say in certain social environments with other peers. I was with a bunch of peers and one was giving a talk. He would purposefully say things as facts  and look at me, because he was trying to one up me. The problem was that he had no idea what he was saying. I wanted to correct him in front of a group of strangers and some who I consider my peers, but didn’t. I later confronted him privately and politely. That was the easy part of the socialization.

When do you exit a conversation?

You can be having a conversation and then you may notice that people in that conversation aren’t talking to you anymore. Detecting this is a lot harder than you may expect. If they aren’t looking you in the eye, they both turn sideways from you and are only directly talking to each other and may even move slightly closer to one another to close you out of the conversation and don’t reply to what you say, then you’re no longer part of that conversation and should move on. It takes a lot of work to detect these odd subtilities, but after years of training I can detect it to a degree.

I have a lot more to share and plan to in the future.


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