Aspergers Hearing And Why I Yelled At The Neighbor

Yelling at people isn’t socially acceptable or so I am told. Anyways, Aspergers hearing is a curse. I was sitting in my bedroom minding my own attention when my neighbors started yelling my name. I was so focused on what I was doing that I forgot they had a son with the same name.

Anyways, they kept yelling my name so I yelled as loud as I could “WHAT?!?!?!?!?”. Thankfully my neighbors were familiar with me and started laughing. I mean, I called my neighbor by the wrong name everyday for years. He found a way to fix that issue. My pet ran out the door and he caught it for me. Unfortunately, there was a catch. He held my pet  hostage until I asked for my pet back while using his correct name. I rarely forgot his name after that event occurred.

Aspergers hearing has put me in so much pain that I’ve had to leave theaters, cry in pain in stores due to their security alarms and  hear things that most people don’t know you can hear. I am slightly better at dealing with Asperger hearing, but stores have also adapted to my hearing and disable their alarms as quickly as they can when I am there.

The first time an alarm caused me so much distress they wouldn’t turn it off until a manager for there. At least that’s what they were going to do until I was in tears crying and plugging my ears. An employee disobeyed the rules and turned off the alarm.

I believe the fellow who was giving the order not to turn off the alarm  had a bone to pick with me, since I’ve lost him tens of thousands of dollars in sales. I only do that to those who are purposefully ripping people off to make commission.

I’ve become so notorious to the scammers that they warn new employees about me, which in turn has made their employees tell the customers the truth when I am nearby, because they’d like to make some commission.


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