HELP My Teacher Has Aspergers Syndrome!

I wonder how many times people have said “Help My Teacher Has Aspergers Syndrome!” to their friends and were referring to me.  I was a holy terror of a teacher the first few classes. Not on purpose, I simply thought the asperger way and treated everyone accordingly. Unfortunately, the Asperger way is flawed, at best. Absolutely backwards inside and out is a better way to explain it.

A lot of people who have Aspergers Syndrome believe everyone knows what they know. I was one of those individuals. I was proven to be wrong. I realized this after a lot of scolding from my Mom and her watching the class and interrupting if I was going the wrong direction.

Another thing that helped me realize this is when I made a senior citizen leave in tears because I answered her question in the most truthful way possible.

I shouldn’t have let my feelings for the subject matter affect my tone of voice. A lot of people with Aspergers Syndrome have a monotone voice, I am not one of them.

I’ve learned instead of telling someone “you seriously don’t know that?!?” To say “that’s a good question.” I say that a lot and I mean a lot. People come to my class to learn or to come and see how bad I fail teaching the subject. I have a few who do come for that sole purpose.

I’ve learned so many things that are so small that I can’t think of them right now. I am a much better teacher after 7 months and a much nicer person. I had no idea how I came off towards people or why until I was put into the precarious situation of teaching a beginners class for something that I am a professional in and have been doing it before kindergarten.

Most people can’t do  what I did when I was 9. I am still doing what I did when I was 9, but have turned it into a business.


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