People Who Have Changed My Life

I would still be a teacher that made people cry, if it wasn’t for my Mom. I would probably be in a lot of trouble if it wasn’t for her. I am eternally grateful to her for everything she has done and may do in the future. 

I am quite grateful to my friend who has taught me so many important social skills and always reinforces what my Mom says.

My friends and my Mom are my greatest assets. They push me to see past the black and white Aspergers mindset. My friends and Mom  will argue with me for years, if it will help steer me away from making irreversible changes to my life.

They have no idea how grateful I really am, because there is no emotion strong enough to express what they mean to me.

I know you probably dislike it when friends step in your way when you’re doing something that makes sense to your aspergers mindset.  I admit, it is extremely irritating, but deep down you know they wouldn’t want to argue with a literal mind that is nearly identical to Sheldon from the TV show Big Bang Theory. Everyone says I am identical to him.

Watching the Big Bang Theory has let me see how I appear to other people and has helped me alter my behavior. I encourage others with Aspergers syndrome to watch season one through 4 the most. Sheldon’s character started to become more socially acceptable in season 5.


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