Aspergers Syndrome and crowds

I have an Aspergers-like Syndrome. P.D.D NOS to be exact. Crowds can be extremely overwhelming for me. I was in a place with nearly 20,000 people all packed into the same area to watch a movie. I am not sure if it was my aspergers syndrome or something else, but my body didn’t react well at the beginning. After 45 minutes I was able to tolerate the IDD behaviors that were all around me. After awhile I learned that the odd behaviors of booing at a ore-recorded show, using small poppers to sound like a gun when the word shoot was said, and having flashlights all over the screen was part of the “experience”.

I’ve never been to a rocky horror picture show before, so I didn’t know that the audience can make a movie more interesting. Dealing with all the people became easier and easier, until I was carrying on a conversation during intermission¬† with the guy sitting next to me.

I know people who have Aspergers Syndrome and can’t stand crowds. Nearly 20,000 people is the most I’ve dealt with at once. I guess it all has to do with what the crowd is doing. I find it much harder to interact with 5,000 people at a networking convention, then watching a movie with 20,000 people.

What are your experiences with crowds? How do you deal with them? Leave a comment, that is if you want to.


2 thoughts on “Aspergers Syndrome and crowds

  1. I also can find crowds to be stressful. It doesn’t help that I’m also quite short so sometimes it feels like I’m surrounded by a wall of people. But like anything else in life I find it gets easier over time. I think if I was in your situation I would find the sudden loud noises more stressful than the crowd itself. But everyone is different.

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