Aspergers Communication

Aspergers communication is something I could write 1,000 posts on and people wouldn’t know that much about it. Instead of trying to explain Aspergers communication to fit everyone on the spectrum, I’ll just let you know some info.

It is not easy to translate what people are saying to what the person actually means. If you say, you’re going to kill me then I will take it as you’re going to kill me, no matter how well I know you. There are a few exceptions to that rule, like my teacher who said he was going to kill me everyday for six months and I freaked out and ran to the office everyday. He said this everyday for six months, until I said “not if I kill you first.”

You would not believe how happy my teacher was. I had responded to a joke properly. It was a joke due to his voice inflection, facial expression, etc.

Another aspergers communication issue I have is what most people see as arguing, yet I am just talking and trying to understand what they said or explain my point or I am talking to myself and they’re interrupting. Geniuses talk to thrirselves, not that I believe I am a genius, but I am told I am by random people all the time until I make it crystal clear that I don’t like being called a genius.

Another Asperger communication I have, or rather people have with me are my perseverations. I was having a very mild perseveration the other day to the point that I have a hard time seeing it as one. Anyway, my Dad got I’ll due to it. While I can’t control how other people react to my behavior, I still feel quite bad.

I don’t mention my Dad much in this blog, because he doesn’t understand my Aspergers that much. My Mom and friends really get it. My sister gets it more than my Dad, but that isn’t saying much, if anything at all.

Asperger communication relies on words being used correctly. If you ask me if I can do something, I’ll say yes and keep doing what I am doing. I may notice the person means may when they say can, if they keep asking the question or try to fix the issue their self.

For those who aren’t familiar with the meaning of words, can means capable, may is asking if you are allowed to, but people use it as will you, which means will you do what they’re asking. I could get into nearly every word, even terrific, which is similar to horrific, but slang changed the meaning.

That’s a very small look into asperger communication. You may feel free to leave comments below and you’re allowed to disagree with me.


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