Aspergers avoiding hugs &hug math formulas

I have Aspergers Syndrome, well I am on the spectrum, but I don’t fit a category. Anyways, I have aspergers and I don’t like hugs. My new years resolution was to hug people more this year and I have made myself give people hugs. It’s not easy to get used to hugging people. Hugs are unusual, which is what makes a story of a friend of mine quite interesting.

I hadn’t seen my friend for 21 hours, so we made those weird jokes acting as if we hadn’t seen each other in years. Then it happened. She tried to give me a hug, but instead I gave her a high five by intercepting her hand movement. She was a bit surprised and said “a high five.. Okay”, but then said “give me a hug!” Most people I would say no to, but she always watches out for me and knows all my quirks, so I gave her my famous or infamous one- sided hug. It isn’t a full hug, but it is enough to satisfy the person, at least if they know me it more than satisfies them.

The demand of a hug wasn’t odd coming from her, but hugs in general are odd. Why do you want your friends, colleagues, acquaintances, or family members so close to you? I will give family members hugs without a problem, but I still don’t get the logic behind the hug.

Also there is a lot of math that goes into giving someone a hug. Here is my mathematical formula for hugs

Greeting hug someone who is a colleague should get a  0.5 seconds hug before release. Hugging an accquantaince should be very quick, if it’s even needed. I recommend 0.2 seconds before release.

Hugging someone who is a good friend can be up to a second before release, though 0.8 seconds is better. A family member can be a couple seconds before releaass, depending on the family member.

You also need to remember how much pressure per hug. I recommend as little as possible. Don’t follow this guide as rules to hugs, but it works well for me. It took a year to get the hug math down. Hope you enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Aspergers avoiding hugs &hug math formulas

  1. I did a very similar hugs-as-new-year’s resolution thing last year. It actually works!

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