Aspergers Literalness Literally Drives Me NUTS

I am an aspie, but I am sick of being so freaking literal. Being literal helps in some circumstances, but in others it doesn’t. No one knows that I hate being so literal, but I do. I will correct someone when they say something wrong, not reply, or not do the task if the wording is off. It isn’t that  I don’t want to do any of the above, I want to be helpful, but if someone says “can you do (insert task here)” I say yes and go back to what I am doing.

You may believe it is rude if someone asks you if you can do something and you don’t do it, but I wasn’t asked to do something. I was asked if I can do something, which means are you capable of doing this task. Do I hate how literal I am by default and that I rarely notice it? Yes, I do. If someone tells me that I need you to help me with this task right now , then I know what they want. I know this probably sounds stupid to most of you, but it is how my mind functions and I know others who function similarly.

Something’s tick me off more than others, because of my literalness. My number one pet peeve is “The internet is broken” and my second pet peeve is “my internet is doing (add in something rudimentary)”.

The reason those two things tick me off is because of my literalness. You shouldn’t say “my internet is great”, because the word internet is referring to all the nodes in the world that computers can interface with via a connection through your service provider.  When someone says the internet is broken, I show them that everything is working in my browser to prove the internet is still up. I rarely do that anymore, but I do get angry sometimes over word abuse.

While I hate being too literal, there is one thing I like saying when someone says “f*ck you!” I simply reply “no thank you.” The person either stops in their tracks and is embarrassed, gets angrier, laughs, or if they’re used to my reply continues without even replying to me.

Anyways, being literal does not help me out all the time, so I wish I could be less literal.

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One thought on “Aspergers Literalness Literally Drives Me NUTS

  1. Kirsty says:

    I found it helpful to try to focus on what the person is meaning, their thoughts rather than what words they use. indeed, it does require learning to translate what they mean but after a while it gets easier and you can remember what they mean.

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