Aspergers And Talking About Problems

Talking about problems can be hard for anyone, but I focus on Aspergers and the autistic spectrum in general. it is harder for me to communicate things, since I end up speaking in fragments when I am really upset. I’ll say a few words here and a few words there and get frustrated that people aren’t understanding. The reason people don’t understand is because I think I verbalized something, but I didn’t. Another problem is that I believe people know everything I know. I am getting better at remembering that very few people, actually only a few thousand focus on what I know and very few understand it to the degree that I do. 

It’s even harder to talk when I am in pain. I can shutdown, but not for long. I know a lot of people on the spectrum and have witnessed the following issues when it comes to communicating. The person may end up in a rage and can’t think straight, some may start speaking their own language that few understand. This is more common than you may believe. Some people are completely silent when they’re hurt or in pain, which is how you know their in pain.

Communication isn’t easy and I write about it a lot, because it is the biggest hurdle I face.


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