Aspergers and dating

Okay, so the improbable happened, at least the improbable for someone with Aspergers. I had a great time dancing, which isn’t unusual. I love to dance. The improbable part is the fact that I met someone of the oppisite gender who made perfect sense to me and I made perfect sense to them. We communicated using literal statements, having a blast and dancing for approximately two to two and a half hours. Then came the improbable and please note this is improbable, because people with Aspergers don’t date. The other person wanted to date me and I wanted to date them too!

I am very logical, at least I try to be. Dancing with someone for a couple hours and hanging out for four hours isn’t enough data to decide if you want to date that person. I always say no and avoid people who want to date me, since normal relationships seem highly illogical and hard to understand.  I didn’t say yes, since I want to know the person better before I do say yes. The fact that I want to learn more is surprising, the fact that I let the person hug me is shocking. I just started letting people I’ve known for years hug me and sometimes still try to avoid hugs.

This is highly unusual for someone on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, but I can’t wait to find out what happens. I hope it is extremely positive, since the four hours were awesome.


2 thoughts on “Aspergers and dating

  1. Jenny Carney says:

    It makes me Happy to hear you found someone to communicate with. I hope it goes well for you.

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