Dealing With Human Interaction and touch

I have a lot of friends and most of them know I don’t want to be touched and respect that. Others who are theater friends are big on touch. I could write a whole post on one scene I did that was hard for me, because I had to act affectionate in a hug, years before I let my family and friends hug me.

Touch is hard to get used too, since there are all types of touching one another. There is the friendly fist bump, the elbow bump, the noogie, hugging, etc. I’ve spent a lot of time mastering touch and I still am not great at it.

You have to remember if the person is clean and see what they touched before touching you. If you want to be careful, wash your hands after any human interaction.

Why is touch so important and hard? Because our society believes you don’t like them if you don’t shake their grimy disgusting hands. I refuse to shake hands with a lot of people. Then like I’ve discussed there is hugging. I gave a new friend a normal hug the other day, which is a first for me, but they were going to give me a normal hug anyway and this friend is awesome, so I reciprocated. I just started giving normal hugs to friends that I’ve known for years this year.

There is more to touch than hugs, there is all sorts of things. The way things feel against your skin can creep you out and make you jump in the air. Other things can make you feel uncomfortable. Touch is one of the biggest issues with Aspergers. One person I know requests a six foot “personal space bubble”, and if you try to hug them, let’s just say it may not turn out well.

Texture is key with Aspergers, now known as Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Every hug, every touch feels different. Everything you eat, feels different. Every piece of clothing feels different and can make it hard to buy cloth. Once you realize texture and timing is imperative to properly deal with someone who has Aspergers, then you will do well. If not, may God have mercy on your soul.

I look forward to your comments! I apologize, but I won’t talk to anyone right now, since there is discrimination towards those with Aspergers and my company doesn’t need anymore controversy. People are already getting on my case for taking on a great client, because I know they’re improving and have improved. Everyone else lives in the past and how my customer used to be way back when.


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