Aspergers, compulsivity and social challenges

I had an awesome time hanging out with a friend who is extremely literal and most likely has Aspergers. This blog isn’t about me, rather it’s about what I learn that can help others that has an  autistic spectrum disorder.

I usually dislike hanging out with others who have Aspergers, because our perseverations clash. Once in awhile I’ll find someone I don’t clash with and when I do, I see Aspergers and myself  differently.

The first thing I notice is that I am compulsive. The other person always ends up being compulsive, which can lead to some hysterical times, but also get us in trouble. If you know that you’re compulsive try to stop and think for 10 seconds when someone brings up a challenge or something out of the ordinary. You can avoid a lot of trouble that way.

Hugs are still a challenge, but I am getting better at them. If anyone needs my math formula for giving hugs, let me know. The basics of it is situation  plus person plus gender plus your relation. That’s the important part. You then calculate in pressure * seconds, which is also important. The amount of pressure is different per person, but try not to go over three seconds on a hug. The calculations differ per scenario, so don’t use my info as the guide to hugs.

I’ll try to post an Aspergers Christmas survival guide up soon. Hope this was helpful.


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