Aspergers Syndrome And Mimicking Speech

I read undercover Aspie’s latest post about mimicking speech. When someone with Aspergers Syndrome or anywhere else on the Autistic Spectrum does this it is called echolalia. While you may think that it is weird that undercover Aspie picks up on drawls, etc., but that’s completely normal for me. In fact my issues with echolalia and speech are a lot worse than his, because I do business internationally. I’ll dive into how that makes things weird in one moment. I’d like to point out that unlike undercover Aspie, I am not limited to  mimicking people that I talk one on one with, I end up mimicking people I hear in crowds.

I get in trouble for making fun of someone because of their race, yet whenever I am accused of that I am confused. I didn’t say anything racial, because I like people of all races. It always ends up that I start speaking like them without even knowing it. If I am around people who are uneducated, well, I may start sounding like them without being aware of it. Not just the words, but the drawl and slowness of how they speak. I was told to stop doing a voice over when coaching someone, because I sounded Hispanic and some people were afraid that others would think I was making fun of Hispanics. I wasn’t making fun of anyone nor was I aware that I sounded Hispanic.

Now here is where it gets weird. I do business world wide and talk to people world wide. A consequence of this is that I will ask my friends what they thought of that bloak or if they’re getting on the lift or if they watched something on the telly. Those are just a few words I end up saying, which aren’t used in my physical region. I wonder how other people avoid this happening to them. I pick up on accents really easily and will start to speak in that accent.

It is a curse and a blessing. Those in entertainment see that I have a gift and sometimes work with me on it, but in day to day life it can be a burden.  How do other people with autistic spectrum disorder deal with this? I’d love to know.  Let me know in the comments.


One thought on “Aspergers Syndrome And Mimicking Speech

  1. Abigail says:

    I have the same problem/gift and was wondering if there is a correlation with my aspergers.. i do feel as if i have learned how to act appropriately in day to day interactions from mimicking at a young age and am fairly natural with it now. The only thing i find hard is the accent thing, its so difficult to resist doing it and as you said sometimes you just slip into it and dont notice.

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