Aspergers Kids Punished In School For Having Aspergers

Asperger kids are punished in school for being theirself. Aspergers doesnt meet the status quo, so you get bullied by teachers and peers. One of my teachers blames me for their mental meltdown, others loved me. The worst school I went to severely punished me for having Aspergers. It got so bad they wouldn’t let me use the restroom, because I was being punished.  The second my parents heard about that, well, I was out of that school.

One teacher told us to carve soap, so I did. I almost got suspended for doing my schoolwork, because they didn’t like it that the classroom was snowing soap. I thought it’d be cool to carve mine into snow and cover the classroom, so I did. My Mom was called in and I wasn’t suspended.

I had one teacher who talked about hurting some of the kids with special needs and the plans she and the aide had were well thought out. The principal didn’t like that one bit when I told him. These teachers hated that I understood what they were saying, so they weren’t nice to me. The principal didn’t like that either :). They finally let me do whatever I wanted, so I was either working with the janitor or eating a popsicle in a walk in refrigerator. I worked in the cafeteria so much that I got the food only for teachers and my pick of anything for free. That was one highschool I attended.

I highly recommend parents to have someone shadow their kids or use tools like a webcam lunch box to see how they’re really treated.

If you believe these types of things don’t happen to kids on the autistic spectrum anymore, you’re wrong. I have friends who have kids who are going  through what I went through. It seems like discrimination to me. I didn’t choose to have Aspergers, just like science has proven without a shadow of a doubt that those who are gay, don’t choose to be gay.

If someone who is gay was treated awful and bullied by teachers and they spoke out, well, it may be treated differently than those with Aspergers. Yes, the teachers may bully them, but that is looked at as  worse than bullying someone with Aspergers. I am only mentioning the two, because they’re both neurological differences, yet we’re both treated very differently. 

Anyways, my advice to parents is to load your kids up with spy gear that records audio and video and find out how they’re really treated!


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