How And When Asperger Perseverations Are Chosen

Here is my theory on how and when someone with Aspergers chooses their perseveration.  Everyone I know got their presentation at a very early age. I got mine at 3. I became quite good by the age of 9, too good. The person who introduced me to my perseveration regrets it every single day.  I am so good at what I do that it is shocking. Very few people in the world are at my level, but that’s because most people hate my perseveration and have to do it for their job.

Others I know were introduced to their perseveration around 2 to 5. That isn’t surprising, since the mind Is changing a lot at that state, but if you have Aspergers Syndrome that is more than likely when you’ll get a perseveration until death do you part. I have no idea if you have Aspergers Syndrome in the afterlife. My advice is to be extremely selective what you show kids in this age range. Don’t show them useless things. I feel like crying for those who have useless, pathetic perseverations.

Make sure what you show them will help them in the future. Whether it be dancing, making robots, programming, make their perseveration useful. They’ll probably never thank you, because they won’t see the correlation that I do, but you’re helping them out for the rest of their life by giving them a good perseveration.


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