How To Talk To Asperger Syndrome People

Aspergers Syndrome makes it very hard to communicate with people who are normal and it makes it hard for people who are normal to talk to someone with Aspergers. I wrote about this a long time ago, so I thought it was time to rewrite about it.

First off, avoid using figures of speech when you’re around an Aspie. Even if you’re not speaking directly to them they can still hear you. I made this mistake the other day. I am on the high end of the autistic spectrum and I hate figures of speech, but I’ve learned a few to communicate with a family member. I forgot my friend was with us who has Aspergers and they didn’t know what I meant when I asked the neurotypical person to “watch my back” when I went to the ATM at night. We had to explain. Anyways, avoid figures of speech, always use the right words like if you need someone to do something, don’t ask if they can do it, I am sure they are capable of a task a neurotypical would ask. Rather, ask them “will you do (fill in task) for me right now?” They’ll probably help you out. Could and can are very similar. Avoid could and use would, like”would you please complete (task here) for me?” If you don’t want the person to do something make sure they know they’re prohibited to do whatever your request may be and make sure to cover any loopholes in your phrasing. If you tell me I am not allowed to talk about something, well that still means I can write it, text it, etc., because none of those avenues of communication are talking.

I will update this later with more info. It is quite early in the morning, so I need to get some sleep.


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