Tech free hangout

So I was at a restaurant for two and a half hours. I would usually be livid that we had to wait an hour and a half for food that gave us heartburn, but my friend made up for all that. She pulls me out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing. We talked about so many different things and were communicating on a level I never experience, because we were in a tech free zone. We talked about everything from networking, jobs she may like, how we both went to the same trade school, etc. I learned so much about my friend and myself, because there was no technology around. There wasn’t a TV, there weren’t any flashing ads, the closest thing to technology was the infjan music coming through speakers. The Indian music wasn’t high-tech, in fact I don’t believe any tech was used in those songs, the only technical thing were the actual speakers.

See, my friend and I like to hang out, but there is always something distracting us, since we don’t stay focused well. Getting rid of all the tech let us learn so much about one another in a short amount of time It was amazing. Next time you want to communicate with someone get rid of all the tech and actually talk to the person. You’ll be surprised by the outcome.


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