Aspergers, Crowds, And DisneyLand — oh my!!

DisneyLand claims to be the happiest place on Earth. Aspergers Syndrome wasn’t thought of when that slogan was made, because not all aspies find it to be the happiest place on Earth, they find it to be quite contrary.

Here is a quote from an undiagnosed Aspie “The happiest place on earth is anywhere, but here” when asked where the happiest place on Earth would be for them they said “somewhere where I am the only one there or a few people.” I was told this person didn’t like crowds, so I said “but it wasn’t that crowded today”. Their reply was so aspie that went along the lines of “if anyone is 5 feet near me, they’re too close”. I felt bad that they didn’t enjoy their time, but I’ve heard the same exact thing from other aspies, that if you’re within 5 feet of them that’s too close.

I know I say I have Aspergers, but I am not a total Aspie. Sure, that’s my official label, but I don’t have all the same issues as most people with Aspergers Syndrome. I have no issues with crowds, though I  have been working since 2007 on retraining my Asperger brain, so I’ll understand people better and interact better. I am thrilled to say that becoming a teacher forced me to learn social skills that I may have not learned otherwise. These skills have come quite in handy. I was addressing some extremely important people today and noticed when I accidentally implied that they were stupid, which wasn’t my attempt. That was my only mess up which was huge for me.

Anyways, if you have Aspergers Syndrome, you may want to think about crowds at theme parks and how that may adversely affect your day.


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