Why People with Autistic Spectrum Disorder dislike touch

I have autistic spectrum disorder and dislike touch. People sometime look taken aback when I get really upset and tell them not to touch me. I don’t understand why people like touch. I’ve explored giving people real hugs, which I can amazingly do now, though I prefer my side hugs or preferably no hugs. Touch has so many components to it. The main components are logic, texture, and germs. It is illogical to shake hands. I do when I have too, but I either avoid it and offend people, do an elbow bump instead, or do something unique like Japanese bowing.

The second component is texture. Everyone’s skin feels different. You may not notice that when shaking hands, but I do. Some are hard and crusty, others are slimy and repulsive, while others have very little unique texture to them, so I don’t mind it as much.

Germs are a major component to me and why I always have hand sanitizer. I hate germs. Anyways, these are just a few reasons why I personally dislike touch. What do you dislike or  like about touch?


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