Autism sensitivity to Crowds & Sound

Have you ever listened to 1,000 different songs at once? I doubt you have. Have you ever walked into a store and heard every single conversation that is going on at once? I doubt you have, but I have.  It can be very hard to handle, but I’ve learned how to cope. I focus on one conversation that isn’t my own at a time, so I have something to focus on. I don’t care how boring the conversations are, some of them are actually quite interesting. If I don’t focus on one conversation someone is having in public at a time I will be covering my ears trying to block out all the sound.


How can anyone survive like this? Well, you learn and adapt. I love crowded places and use all the tricks I know to handle these issues. When I see someone covering their ears I usually know what is bothering them and try to make the area quieter or take the person away from the environment. Most people don’t know how to handle these types of situations, because they aren’t on the spectrum so they appreciate my help. I wish more people who are high functioning on the spectrum helped out those lower on the spectrum to cope with the problems that are caused by having Aspergers and how to cope with reality.

You shouldn’t avoid crowded areas, but you should know how often you will need to take a break. When I was in a crowd of 5 thousand people or so in a very small room I had to take a break every half hour two stories up where offices were located and no one else went up there. No one minded me being up their taking a break for 15 minutes or so and then going back into the crowd.  I don’t know how “normal” people cope with hearing 5 thousand conversations at once, but I swear it is very hard.


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One thought on “Autism sensitivity to Crowds & Sound

  1. nixonsays says:

    I find large crowds to be stressful more often than not. Except instead of hearing all of the conversations at once I cannot hear any of the conversations, even the one I am supposed to be listening to. This is a difficulty because people like going to bars or other noisy places to talk and I can rarely follow the conversation because I cannot concentrate on what they are saying. At first I thought my hearing might be impaired, but I have very sensitive hearing at other times; for example at night time if someone opens or closes a door I get very stressed out by noises and need to run the fan or white noise of some kind.

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