Slang And Aspergers AKA “Fuck You”

When people used to say “fuck you” to me, I would simply say “no thank you”. I was not being a smart-ass, I was responding to what they said as to how they said it. I had no interest in intercourse with the person nor did I understand why they said that. Yes, I know it sounds stupid because when people say that they usually mean something entirely different. I am sure it’s clear that it’s confusing what the person means by such a literal statement, at least to some people with aspergers. It is very hard to decipher what different swear words mean, especially when you’re dealing with swear words on the global level. One interesting thing people say is “That’s the shit!”, then it is a compliment, but if it’s just “that’s shit!” or “that’s a piece of shit!” then it is negative. It’s also interesting that certain derogatory terms can be used as compliments if the person is of the same race as you, but people outside your race would be attacked if they used such language.


I am not sure if it is my P.D.D NOS or if this is a problem everyone runs into. I wish people used words the way they’re meant to be used. So many words are now a perversion of what they originally meant, even the word perversion is perverted. If you don’t know what the original meaning of perversion or perverted is, go grab a dictionary. Why people change the meanings of words so often is mind-boggling.


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