The Ability To Suppress Pain

I don’t think this is an Aspergers trait, I think this is something that I developed on my own over the years. I have the ability to suppress pain without even knowing I am doing it. I can have a terrible headache and not know it, because I don’t feel the headache.

While not feeling pain sounds wonderful, it’s also a curse. It takes a lot longer to figure out what’s wrong and I still react to what the pain causes like irritability, light sensitivity, etc. Also, with the ability to suppress pain comes the ability to try and unsuppress pain, but that doesn’t always work. Whatever it is in my body that builds this pain shield of sorts is always getting stronger. I have ways of focusing on where I believe the pain may be and trying to feel the pain when I have to, but it is taking longer and longer to be able to feel the pain. Sometimes I can think I am not in pain, because if I tried to lower my pain shield and I felt nothing, well, I didn’t focus on lowering it enough. Please don’t ask me about how to make a pain shield, because frankly I don’t know how you make one. I know my body started suppressing pain after a surgery and years later continues to suppress pain, but that’s it.

I have no reason to believe this has anything to do with Aspergers or is on the autistic spectrum, but I felt like putting it out there just in case other people on the spectrum have this unique gift / curse.

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4 thoughts on “The Ability To Suppress Pain

  1. ravenstag says:

    Actually, I’ve read that increased/decreased sensitivity to pain can be linked to ASD (as a sensory processing issue).

  2. I love the emergency broadcasting sound. I always turn it up and play it over and over. It is awesome. If it’s on the radio or on TV everyone else in the room hates it as I turn up the volume. I have no idea why.

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