When Asperger Communication Fails

Have you ever thought you told someone something? That happens to everyone, but some people on the spectrum act like and some think that people can read their mind, so they react negatively if something doesn’t happen. This can cause a lot of problems, it can cause the person you think you told something to be confused as to your behavior and it can slow down your productivity.

Whether we like it or not we are currently stuck with verbal and written communication, so we have to try and convey what we are thinking via one of those two mediums. Well, if you count sign language then I guess we have three mediums, although not everyone knows sign language.

Communication is key to almost everything, but it isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work to remember to communicate effectively with people and have a positive response when communicating with people. Sometimes you have to not be blunt and try to think how regular people will respond to a message. Trust me, it is a daunting task for quite awhile but it is an area of communication I am getting much better at.

If someone on the spectrum seems angry at you, perhaps they misunderstood something you said or thought they told you something that they actually forgot to say. Failure in communication on the autistic spectrum is normal, but it doesn’t appear easy for others to deal with.


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