Asperger Whisperer Email Experiences & Trust issues

Opening myself up to respond to people via email has been an interesting experiment. As you may be able to tell, I like to write things down, but giving advice on this subject…. well, as I always say in my emails I have no certification and you should ask someone who does.

a couple emails I didn’t know how to reply to very well. I I can talk about them without exposing any sensitive or confidential information.

One email was asking how to tell someone they had been diagnosed with high functioning autism. I honestly have no answer to that, so my best advice was to talk to experts who know the person and figure out what fits that person the best. Another email seemed like a straightforward communication problem with someone who has high functioning autism not conveying something to someone else. That is so normal that my friends and I have a system worked out for that. Once I was very angry at one of my friends and had no problem telling his wife exactly what I thought of him. She had no problem telling me how I was wrong. When I saw him we talked and I explained what happened without ever talking about the issue exactly and we’re doing great.

I am very sensitive when it comes to trust. If I feel someone has betrayed me even the slightest, I get quite upset. I used to take two years before I would even decide if I liked someone, but that took far too long, so I’ve sped up the process by talking to friends and getting a “gut feeling” about the person. I don’t have an innate gut feeling, rather I’ve developed one via the help of many people, including my parents, friends, and people I work with who ask me what my gut says. I should go into trust at length in another post.


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