Life on the autism spectrum day 1 of 30 day challenge

I put up a challenge saying I would write about things I face with autism everyday. Today I faced the trouble of reading someone’s facial expressions, because the person looked mad, but that was just the person’s regular expression. I guess some people can look mad when they aren’t. I would hate for my face to get stuck in that mood.

I try to be an honest person, but as Captain Picard says there is such a thing as excessive honesty. Whoever wrote those lines is right, but gauging what will upset someone is very hard, since I try to treat people the way I’d like to be treated. I like to be told the truth if I smell for some reason, I want the person to tell me and I thank them. I then work on fixing the issue. Other people don’t appreciate that much honesty.

I was pondering why people assign things value, like money or items. Somethings that have no purpose like paper money is quite valuable based on the amount of value people perceive them as having. This goes for almost everything, however how people decide the value of things is indeed interesting.

Three year olds are indeed unique. A three year old is playing with a Superman toy and claims he’s broken both his legs. When I try to tell her that Superman can’t break his legs, not even in a fight against darkside, it is dismissed. I don’t get it, but I guess she has her own perception of superman, which makes him not so super. Maybe we should change this toy supermans name  to lame-o man.

Want to read day 2 on the autism spectrum? It’s a lot more interesting.


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