Little Professor Syndrome & Echolalia s an adult

“Little Professor Syndrome” is a reference to the ability that children with aspergers have to quote things that they shouldn’t be able to remember or even know. Once you hear something you know it and you can talk as if you are an expert on the subject. As an adult this ability gets slightly annoying, because I am an actual expert on a subject. I spend so much time researching it and working for my clients that I know it inside and out. Unfortunately it seems that I can’t go anywhere that requires the smallest amount of knowledge without people thinking that I work there.


I doubt that I am the only one with this problem. I don’t have echolalia in the form that most people would think rather I am able to restructure what I read or hear and put it into an intelligent form that fits  the situation without even thinking about what I am doin. While this masks my Aspergers at the same time it’s annoying. People start asking me questions about things I haven’t read about, however it usually is simple deduction or pointing to a sign to provide them with the accurate information. I do read a lot, but there are reasons for that.

I am unsure what you call this or how others handle this besides telling people that they’re mistakened and that I don’t work at the facility. On another note you may notice this blog is becoming a bit sparse with updates. This is due to my fear of being unmasked and quite honestly it is a valid fear. Each time I write a blog post the probability that you’ve read or seen my work increases exponentially. I am not sure if I should abandon this blog or let others to continue writing on it so their information will continue to be distributed.

I’d appreciate your opinions and feedback either in the comments or via email.

Disclaimer: I’d like to point out that I officially have PDD NOS, however I identify with those who have Aspergers and I write about aspie issues, so I use the word Aspergers on this blog.Nothing on this blog, comments, or via email should be taken as advice and you should consult a licensed professional before doing anything you read before making any changes to your life. This blog is written by a bloak sharing experiences and doesn’t have any licenses and is not a professional in Aspergers.


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