Dangers of Santa Claus — he’s a stranger and evil!

Santa Claus is someone children are told about when they’re very tiny and told that he is always watching whatever they do, so he knows if they’re naughty or nice. Yet when I hear parents warn their children against strangers they don’t seem to see the conflict between the two tales.   First of all 7 billion people is too many for one old man to watch or even an army of elves to watch and secondly there is a very warped and sick side of the tale that parents seem to ignore.

Santa Claus is a stranger and if he was actually always watching everyone he is a pervert and a criminal, however he doesn’t exist. Parents try their hardest to warn children about strangers, yet they tell them tales like this and act like it is real. Even NORAD plays along and has a Santa tracker, so what are parents accidentally teaching their children? That it’s okay for at least one stranger to always be watching you no matter what you do, because he gives you presents if you’re good. That isn’t what you want to teach your children because it’s wrong. It’s sick in the head wrong. Why am I the only one that sees this???

I know that it is very logical thinking that leads to such a conclusion, however Santa is not logical. If Santa was real they would have people staying up all night watching for Santa to kill him, not because it would be amazing to see him. I understand that Santa stems from Saint Nicholas hundreds of years ago and how he really did make toys for children, however I don’t believe even he would be okay with this story. Please think about what you teach your children!


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