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Autism Life and Fear Of Change day 3 of 30 day challenge

So, today is the third day I’ve written this post. I am writing about the fear of change. Change can be scary and I don’t mean dimes and nickles, those can just be confusing. Seriously, why do they make the one worth less bigger than the one worth more? The size of currency should reflect it’s value. I am getting off track. When people start talking about majorly changing the course of life, you can start heading towards a meltdown. When someone just changes the course of your life without asking you, you will go into a meltdown. I hadn’t thought of writing about meltdowns until art and aspergers wrote about it.

Art and aspergers did such a good job about writing about meltdowns that I am not going to cover it again. Anyways, meltdowns aren’t fun. They’re pretty horrible, if you don’t catch them and stop them in time. I am not writing too much today.

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Life With Autism Day 2 of 30 day challenge

So, death. Yeah, I am writing about a topic most people don’t even want to think about, let alone talk about. What I’ve always wanted to know and always puzzles me is why people respond so negatively towards the topic of death. There was a pre-production film called Death Day where you’re born knowing the day you die and the day before you die everyone throws a huge party. I thought that was wonderful, but everyone else hated it. Why? Wouldn’t it be great to know when you’re going to die, so you can have a formal celebration and have proper closure with people you’ve had issues with? Or even better tell people you hate “Well, tomorrow I die, so it’s the best day on earth cause I won’t have to see you!”

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to make death sound like a great thing, it just is what it is. If it weren’t for death, we’d have Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler and every other loon who has ever lived fighting for control of the world. Since no one could die, people would have a terrible time, because those loons would make them wish they could die.  I know I may sound dark, but these are things that I’ve wondered about today, so I am writing about them.  One thing that offends most people is that I refuse to go to funerals, because why do I want to be around people who are crying? I wouldn’t want that. I’d want people to party and do the craziest things they could think of at my funeral.

People seem to like things without any fluctuation, which is quite boring. Do you really want to live by the status quo that you hate and rant about while you’re drunk? I wouldn’t want to do that.  If you had a choice would you rather be in an office working in a little cubicle doing a mundane job or doing something that is risky as hell, but a thrill ride and makes money? I like the risky as hell thrill rides, because then you never work a day in your life and you just have fun!

When someone was grilling me the other day about how risky something I am doing is I said “Things aren’t any fun without risk. The more risk involved, the more fun it is!!!” They haven’t taken much risk in their life. They do the same thing everyday, day in, day out. I do a lot of different things, and not all of them have that epic adrenaline rush I love, but some do.

One great example is the guy who jumped from space to the ground to help advertise Red Bull. Man, that would be awesome to do!! I don’t have anyone who would pay for me to jump from space, but that does sound like fun.

I am not giving career advice, I am just trying to write one post a day about life with autism, and everything I wrote about reflects the way I look at things, which some of it is not related to autism at all, but before I’ve put things up that I thought weren’t autistic traits and found out other wise. I’ve met some very boring people on the autistic spectrum, but others who are awesome and fun to be around.
Anyways, those are a couple things I’ve thought about today. I wonder what tomorrow’s post will be like? Well, you’ll see it when I see it!

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Battleship Movie Not Aspergers Friendly!

Do not, I repeat do not see the new movie BattleShip if you have Aspergers. Aspergers ayndrome and other people on the autistic spectrum can hear frequencies that most can’t. The movie Battle Ship uses a frequency that is used In dog whistles, whixh we can hear just fine. Battle Ship is a great movie, that is until you are in tears from the pain of the sound from the movie.

Movies in the 1930’s used this high pitched sound, similar to a Dog whistle when something was supposed to be scary. This frequency has been removed from all modern movies, except for Battle Ship. If you hear dog whistles, then this sound will mess with your head, scramble your mind, and make you cry in pain. Do not go see the movie Battle ship, if you are on the autism spectrum.

The theatre I go to has never seen me cry from severe pain caused by sound. The theatre has a strict “no cash back” rule, instead they give you a ticket good for one movie, if you dislike the movie . you also only have 45 minutes to get the refund. They decided to not enforce those rules today. I guess they’d never seen an adult cry from sound frequencies and be in extreme pain. I got through an hour of the movie before I was crying. The extreme onslaught of sound started after 50 minutes of the film. It is not pleasant to have your mind tortured by sound frequencies that don’t affect anyone else. It actually drives you a bit nuts.

If you want to see the movie BattleShip, wait till it comes out on DVD. That way you can control the sound and mute it if needed.

Have you ever had a similar experience with a movie? Let us know in the comments.

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Being Bullied Because Of Autism / Aspergers

Okay, I am writing this because I am ticked off. When someone who is deemed normal bullies people with autism and Aspergers, well that’s not normal, that’s cruel. Bullying is quite bad and cyber-bullying can be even worse since you can’t see your foe.

Why am I ticked off? Because a search query that lead someone to my site was”death to someone with Aspergers”, not cool!!! A lot of queries my blog receives have to do with people with autism and Aspergers not feeling pain. Some people want to know how we don’t feel pain. While i have written many articles on this myth, I will reiterate.We do feel pain, that’s why cyber-bullying and real life bullying is so painful. We may not show our pain, because We are able to cloak our emotions for a little while, so it seems like we aren’t in pain or are incapable of feeling emotions, but we always reach a boiling point. It’s not fun for anyone when we go into a meltdown due to being bullied.

My message to people who want to bully people with Aspergers is an intellectual one. Instead of bullying us, learn about us. If you don’t want to learn about us and Aspergers syndrome , then leave us alone. We like being left alone.

Sorry about this rant, I am just trying to let invisible trolls know that i dont tolerate their behavior.

Again, I apologize that this post isn’t helpful to the Asperger, autism, and PDD NOS community. The next post will be helpful, at least I will mean for it to be helpful.

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Girls With Autism Have Flat A-fect

Okay, so girls who have autism, PDD NOS, HFA, Aspergers, etc. have flat a-fect a lot more than boys with Autism. I am not sure why, but they do. Not all Girls with Autism have flat A-fect, but the majority do. This is purely from what I’ve seen, so this isn’t scientific fact.

Why is this? Well, one theory I just came up with is that the hormones and biology between Boys and Girls are very different. Flat A-fect could affect girls more than boys due to autism and hormones, but that’s just an unproven theory. More of an idea. People with flat A-fect do show plenty of emotion in their voice, but it is harder to hear, unless you are used to people with flat a-fect. Anyways, this is just what I’ve seen, maybe i am incorrect. Maybe I am not.

Do People With Aspergers Syndrome Feel Pain?

Do people with Aspergers Syndrome feel pain? yes, of course we feel pain! People with Autism, PDD NOS, HFA, and Aspergers all feel pain. We may deal with pain very differently than those who aren’t autistic. Our reactions may seem like we don’t feel pain, but that can be for several reasons. I have a friend who if gets hurt, doesn’t scream instead sits in absolute silence for a minute and then shows the emotion of pain. If you knew my friend and all of my friends facial expressions or breathing patterns, well you know they’re in pain, they just don’t express it the way neurotypicals do. Something’s that do not result in discomfort for people without Aspergers, hurts us very badly. Dog whistles are a very good example. I can’t say that everyone on the autistic spectrum hears dog whistles, but I know I do & I know that my small study on 15 of my friends and acquaintances with Aspergers showed that they hear dog whistles and they don’t like the sound. I was going for a walk with a neighbor when they did what I guess could be considered the inevitable in this day and age. They blew a dog whistle. I started yelling in pain and putting my hands over my ears, while the dog quickly ran over to its owner. This wasn’t even one of the silent dog whistles, those hurt the worst. Silent dog whistles are silent in the sense of noise that most people are used to, but the vibrations you hear are so painful!! So, yes we feel pain. I would like ro conclude this post by saying that some people can withstand things that others would think are painful, but this is common in both the Neurotypical world and the non-neurotypical world.

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People With Asperger Syndrome Do not like Hugs

If you have Aspergers you probably don’t like hugs, you might even have a fear of hugs. This is pretty normal for people with Autism, HFA, PDD NOS, and of course Aspergers. For some reason most people on the spectrum dislike hugs. It probably has to do with disliking touch– all I can say is hugs are an odd human ritual exposing people to illnesses. I am trying very hard to desensitize myself to the dislike of hugs by having to gibe hugs in acting. I have this half sided hug I usually give people, but that doesn’t fly in a love scene. No sirree, you have to give a neurotypical hug. I am referring to a G love scene, where you just give an embracing hug. If you think about it hugs are fueled with emotion, something NTs are good at expressing, but us aspies aren’t good at. Well, I wouldnt say we aren’t good at expressing emotion, that’s what I do with a microphone, on stage, when ever I act I express my emotions great. Why? Because I have a script. My script tells me how you feel, how I supposed to feel, what is happening around me, and what will be happening around me until the performance is over. Life is a script that is continually being written and your script isn’t finished until you die. Yeah, that might sound cheesy or profound, but it is true. So how do I deal with hugs in real life? I usually give a hug that I’ve invented that people find rude since it is basically just a pat on the back. SinceI’ve been pushing my personal boundaries of giving hugs in acting, I might be able to give real hugs in real life.

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