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Autism Life and Fear Of Change day 3 of 30 day challenge

So, today is the third day I’ve written this post. I am writing about the fear of change. Change can be scary and I don’t mean dimes and nickles, those can just be confusing. Seriously, why do they make the one worth less bigger than the one worth more? The size of currency should reflect it’s value. I am getting off track. When people start talking about majorly changing the course of life, you can start heading towards a meltdown. When someone just changes the course of your life without asking you, you will go into a meltdown. I hadn’t thought of writing about meltdowns until art and aspergers wrote about it.

Art and aspergers did such a good job about writing about meltdowns that I am not going to cover it again. Anyways, meltdowns aren’t fun. They’re pretty horrible, if you don’t catch them and stop them in time. I am not writing too much today.

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Autism sensitivity to Crowds & Sound

Have you ever listened to 1,000 different songs at once? I doubt you have. Have you ever walked into a store and heard every single conversation that is going on at once? I doubt you have, but I have.  It can be very hard to handle, but I’ve learned how to cope. I focus on one conversation that isn’t my own at a time, so I have something to focus on. I don’t care how boring the conversations are, some of them are actually quite interesting. If I don’t focus on one conversation someone is having in public at a time I will be covering my ears trying to block out all the sound.


How can anyone survive like this? Well, you learn and adapt. I love crowded places and use all the tricks I know to handle these issues. When I see someone covering their ears I usually know what is bothering them and try to make the area quieter or take the person away from the environment. Most people don’t know how to handle these types of situations, because they aren’t on the spectrum so they appreciate my help. I wish more people who are high functioning on the spectrum helped out those lower on the spectrum to cope with the problems that are caused by having Aspergers and how to cope with reality.

You shouldn’t avoid crowded areas, but you should know how often you will need to take a break. When I was in a crowd of 5 thousand people or so in a very small room I had to take a break every half hour two stories up where offices were located and no one else went up there. No one minded me being up their taking a break for 15 minutes or so and then going back into the crowd.  I don’t know how “normal” people cope with hearing 5 thousand conversations at once, but I swear it is very hard.


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Analyzing aspergers behaviors by people watching to improve social skills

I analyze everything. I am told so often that I over analyze things. That might be true, it might not. By analyzing everyone’s behaviors, especially other aspies and those on the autistic spectrum you gain an invaluable insight. You will notice that they do a lot of the same things you do, but you can analyze it from the outside and see how it actually looks and why people react the way they do. It’s like an out of body experience watching others with aspergers and social interaction. It Helps me change my own behavior to be more socially appropriate. Encourage your child with aspergers to observe others and see how people react & then have them try to explain what they saw that seemed odd. They may say nothing or that normal people are the weird ones. I do have to agree with the fact that some of the “norm” behaviors are quite bizarre. Anyways, please comment and tell me if you used this social experiment and what the outcome was.

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